Table Ball Full Release

Welcome to Table Ball, our epic attempt at a “pong” like game.

We’re doing what we can to replicated the feeling of the original game while adding our own twist to the game.

With this release Table Ball is now also available on steam:

We’ve also created a website JUST for Table Ball, all Table Ball news will be moved to there so go check it out:

If you’ve played the game before the official release you can see a list of the changes in this version below

Table Ball Full Changelog


– Added “hit” sound

— Only in “Offline” scenes

– Added “AI Settings”

— This can be accessed in the pause menu for AI-enabled game mods

— This menu will be expanded on in the future

– Added some “score Easter Eggs”

– Added Discord Rich Presence

– Added FULL controller support

– Added a “Customisation” menu to the main menu scene

— Currently cannot do anything however will be fully functional when our first DLC releases

– Added Multiplayer

— Currently in Beta, many aspects could be/are currently broken or subject to change


– Changed the colour of selected buttons in the main menu

– Changed the size of the Game Mode Menu

– Removed the “Start Menu” from each game mode

– Slightly moved the Bumpers and the Score listing

– Updated balls speed

– Each scene now starts in the “Pause Menu”

– Updated to Unity 2021.3.5f1

– Changed the AI Bumper limits a bit

– Changed the way in which the game resets the ball
— This reduces the chance of the ball sticking to the same momentum when going through a goal or being manually reset

– Updated the materials that every single physical object in the game uses

– “Pause” menu now shows the name of the Game Mode instead of “Paused”

– All elements are now prefabbed to make things easier for our new customisation system
— Again customisation system doesn’t release just yet so you’re mostly just seeing a “proof of concept”

– Using a new versioning system to make things easier for us to determine different builds in the long run.


– Fixed the “Reset Ball” option in the debug menu