Spam Destroyer 29122021

A few days ago we released a new update to Spam Destroyer, find out more information here.

Nitro Scam Detection and Elimination System

It’s the Debut of the NSDaES our AMAZING Nitro Scam Detection and Elimination System. It’ll find “Free Nitro” scams and delete them + kick the user. (There is a chance for false-positives but we’re certain there won’t be any false-negatives). We’ll always be working on this system and will make sure it’s always up to standard to defeat such scams.

Logging System Update

Server Owners and Admins now have the ability to choose what should be logged with logging channels.

Settings Update

The General spam detection system can now be disabled using the Settings Command.

Coming Soon

General Spam Detection System update

We have plans to update the General Spam Detection System to be a little less strict and be customizable. This will be in the NEXT update we will not be updating Spam Destroyer UNTIL this feature is complete.

Common Spam Detection

We wanna include a feature that finds common spam. I.E. Bob the Skeleton, “Spam this in every server” spam messages and the “Report user blank” messages. (We’ll include a custom message for the latter option that’ll explain WHY it’s fake and all that)

OTHER features

We have a BUNCH of more spam protection features we want to create and allow you to use (Maybe some anti-raid stuffs)

Spam Destroyer Information

Spam Destroyer

Spam Destroyer was created to help deal with the MASSIVE influx of spam bots plaguing Discord Servers.

Our goal is to prevent ALL types of spam in existence.