New JoiBoi Update coming soon

New JoiBoi Update coming soon

We’re announcing a new update for JoiBoi.

New update? WHAT? WHEN? Is the questions I asked myself when tasked to write this post, you may even be wondering the same things.

New JoiBoi Update?

You may be wondering what this new update is about. Well, wonder no longer, this update contains MASSIVE changes to our settings database in order to offer better stability and the ability for us to make more features easier.


What exactly are we adding in this new update? Well let me just show off the current changelog for you.


  • Reason to ban logs
  • Role permissions to work with bot commands
  • Invite Creation Command
  • All future Settings to the settings command
  • Role on join settings
  • Data Collection Toggle !settings user data-collect true/false
  • Level System Toggle !settings user levels true/false
  • Metric Collection Toggle !settings user metrics true/false
  • Level-up notification Toggle !settings user levelNotifs true/false


  • MASSIVE changes to the settings database
  • Cleaned up a bit of the code in the settings command
  • Fix welcome messages !settings channel welcome {ChannelID or false}
  • Various code changes


I think the next update will be available… uhhhh… wait… I don’t know… no one told me…

I’d suggest waiting until we post something on our official social media (Sometime this month though)

Further Reading

You’re always welcome to check out the bots documentation for an up to date changelog

You should also check out our Discord server for help and support when the update drops

Most changes and additions are already live within JoiBoi Canary, you are welcome to add JoiBoi Canary to your server

You can add JoiBoi to your server here

You can find more information about JoiBoi here