Welcome to the Lockyz Dev Blog. Today we want to update you on a few things we’re working on.

Currently at Lockyz Dev we’re hard at work updating our discord bots to use slash commands, discord.js v13 and other various IMPORTANT changes including but not limited too, Multiple Language Support, Bot News, etc.

Multiple Language Support

Yes that’s right, we’re working to get our bots translated to languages that AREN’T English. In the future you can expect to see our bots in Swedish and Spanish, and eventually other languages too.

You can contribute to translating our bots here

Slash Commands

With Discord making the message object locked behind privileged intents we’re working on using Discords Slash Commands system. This will take us a while and we likely won’t have everything finished by the April 2022 cutoff date. We will update you all closer to the date on what is and isn’t done yet.

Updating to discord.js v13

Discord.js v12 (What we currently use) is deprecated due to changes to discords API that will just break everything. We’re working on updating all our bots to use discord.js v13 as soon as possible. (It might take us a few months)

Scam Link detection system

With all these scam links going around pretending to give away Discord Nitro and then taking control of a users account we thought it might be a good idea to work on an automatic detection system for the links involved in these specific scams. While this system isn’t currently active on any public bots we’re working on adding it to client bots. So far everyone who wanted it has gotten it.

We’re also willing to add it to bots that have left their “first year of free updates”.

Other Updates

Not everything included in this post is “good news”. At this current time we’re stopping the development of some bot features we were previously working on. Things such as invite tracking, role rewards for level systems, auto-ban feature, spam prevention have all been cancelled. At least until we finish most of what needs to be done at this current time. Also, with the implementation of threads we will not be working on a ticket system. If you would like us to make a ticket system within our bots however please let us know on our discord server.


You can invite JoiBoi from:

You can test these changes as they’re being developed by inviting JoiBoi Canary to your discord server:

You can invite Dismon from: