Monsty Corp Dev Log 13/10/2020

Monsty Corp Dev Log 13/10/2020

We have a few things we gotta talk about today from some UI concepts to some announcements.

UI Concepts

We pride ourselves in making things look good while we work on them.
That being said the UI elements in Monsty Corp have been… lackluster and ugly at best.
You’ll notice that a lot of the menu elements are similar, but that’s due to the fact that it scales well as opposed to other ways we could do it.
We’ve slowly and surely been working on some updated concepts that actually work for the type of game we’re trying to make. You can see some of them below.

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In-game UI

While it’s not the MOST beautiful thing the actual in-game UI will be functional and actually look good. We currently haven’t been focusing on making this asset look like it’s in use but this is a general idea of what it would look like and the layout of it.

Main Menu

This is close to an older concept of the Main Menu. It is also very similar to the Main Menu from a LOT of Unity Games but that just shows that it’s good and/or easy to do. Our main focus here is functionality.

Pause Menu

The pause menu of Monsty Corp is something you might be looking at a lot so we’ve tried our best to make it not look like such an eye sore. You’ll notice that the Tasks Menu and the Settings Menu comes from this menu.

Settings Menu

The Settings menu is just an updated version of an older concept we had, nothing has really been changed other then the colors and the title is shown at the top-left instead of the top-center.

Tasks Menu

The current version of the tasks menu is unfinished, this being due to us not needing to test it at this current time, plus it isn’t going to make our testers lives better as we’re focusing on the main tasks at this current time.

This is a menu that you’re likely going to be looking at a lot as Monsty Corp will have various tasks or quests that you’ll have to do. And being based in a massive facility we wanted to make it possible for you to do optional tasks if you wanted too.

The optional tasks will come from various NPCs you’ll find either around the facility or around the city that the game is based. We also plan on using the optional tasks menu for post-game tasks that’ll be done around all the various unlocked areas of the game that you can only access when the game is complete.

Special Announcement

Monsty Corp is going to be open world.

While it’ll mean development has to take longer and we will have to do lots of quality and performance tests we feel it’ll make Monsty Corp an all out better experience for you the player.
This also means that we don’t have to go through and add the many different UI elements to the various different scenes that’ll be needed without being open world.

In Closing

We thank you for your continued support to our game and hope that you wishlist Monsty Corp on steam.