Lockyz Dev Bytes

What is Lockyz Dev Bytes?

Lockyz Dev Bytes is our monthlyish newsletter where we’ll let you know of stuff we’re working on, where we’re at with updates and content and what we want to work on in the future. (Maybe even show off some spoiler content)

Anyway, onto some bits.

LMB Update

LMB’s next update will be a bigg’un.

Profile System

Airing some grievances.

We all know of Discords user and server profile system, this system is unfortunately not accessible to the Discord API, this means that our userinfo command is physically unable to show your public profile description, this also means that we cannot create auto-moderation systems to stop users with slurs or other highly inappropriate content within their profiles.

Well while this is inaccessible to us, that gives us a chance to create our OWN profile system.

Differences between our profile system and Discords

Our profile system is meant to be public information, it’s basically how you introduce yourself to someone without actually saying anything. Our profile creation process will include warnings and disclaimers about keeping private information private.

We’ll also allow you to choose absolutely everything that gets displayed within your userinfo profile, we believe you should be allowed to choose what information you want displayed and what information from your discord profile should be visible. This means you can hide the “Roles” section of the userinfo embed. You could even hide the profile alltogether, it’s 100% your choice.

We’ll give you the ability to display your pronouns and gender identity so people know how to refer to you. We’ll include sections for displaying your social media profiles, we’ll have an option for your pronouns.page if you have one, AND MORE.

An example

This is a basic example of what a profile COULD look like. All of the options here are toggleable.

Monsty Corp updates

We have FINISHED the script for Level 1 and have FINISHED the basic gameplay for Level 1. This means that Level 2 is currently being worked on and we’re doing the finishing touches on the script for Level 2.

Ray Tracing

Monsty Corp now has RAY TRACING, this means that lighting within Monsty Corp will be ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AMAZING… Or well… as good as the default Unity lighting engine can make it.

And now, a spoiler

I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to be stuck here, but I’ve done something stupid. She is awake again.


Public Build Soonish

We’re going to be releasing a public testing build of Monsty Corp that includes the first scene of the game and part of the second scene, you can download this form our Discord when we release it. Discord


Another Game? WHY? Do we have the time for this? ARE WE CRAZY? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

The only reason we’re announcing this game now is because we’re REALLY close to having a basic demo released. It’s basically a collection of multiple games in one and we think you’ll all LOVE IT.

And that’s the end

Anyway, that’s the end of todays Lockyz Dev Bytes, we really hope you enjoy all the content we talked about here and that you all have a WONDERFUL whatever time of day it is for you.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,

Robin Painter,
Lockyz Dev