House List

Our API DOES NOT contain every single house. We’re working on it. (The Job command is being worked on too)

(Some houses currently have spelling errors, we’re working on it, feel free to join our discord server and let us know.)
The Houses currently within the House Flipper API and accessible by the House Flipper Command are:
First Office
Camping Bungalow
Burned House
Abandonded House
Almost only a Garden
House after the Flood
Foodies House
House with uninvited guests
Many Generations House
Home Admin Legends
Home and Car
House in a Thicket
Boring House
House that is Hiding Something
Sellers House (AKA Hucksters House)
Unsatisfying Effect
Garage with Bunker
Variable Womans House
Old house with Bunker
Pink Kingdom
Uncles Bunker
Uninhabited House
Man Cave
Garden after Building the House
Family House
Samarta Myers House
Just Married House
Alone Home
House on the Moon
Hacker Loft
Accountants House
Century Old House
Family Beach House
House at Azure Shore
House with Sea View
Modern House
Old Ladys House
Semi Detatched House
Stilt House
Two Story Detatched House