JoiBoi Dev Update | 26/09/2021

When we updated JoiBoi to use Discord.js V13, we broke MANY features. We plan on fixing these features as soon as we can. There’s no ETA at the moment, but we’re working on it.

So what are we announcing today? WELL, hold on to your seat, this is going to be exciting.

OFFICIALLY we’re working on slash commands and updating older commands to use features of the new discord API version. This means BUTTONS, BUTTONS, BUTTONS for the suggestions system. In fact, the suggestions system is getting a MAJOR upgrade. We’re going to be adding commands for approving and denying suggestions and commands for editing suggestions. We’ll also make it so that server owners can choose whether the bot opens a thread on every new suggestion. This means that users can discuss a suggestion without making a new channel within your discord server. Suggestions will also be given unique IDs on creation so they can be referred too on an internal scale within staff channels or edited by the user to be more clear on what they mean. We’ll also include the ability for the bot to detect how many characters within an initial suggestion so that it doesn’t go over the character limit for embeds That 4000 character limit added to Discord Nitro really made things hard for this system. We’ll also handle automatically removing stickers and uploads from suggestion channels as it really doesn’t play well with these 2 features. If the message still as text, the text will still be used and the user will be instructed within the suggestion thread to paste the image/file there.

Automatic Scam Links Detection

You know how recently lots of servers been getting people coming in and spamming. “Hey, get Discord Nitro for free with steam, airdropped right to your device”? Well, as us, server owners, Discord themselves, etc. Have clarified that’s literally a link used to steal your WHOLE discord account. There’s very similar things on Facebook where they pretend to be a news thingy and have some really frightening image Car Crash in my experience just to get people to click and sign in with Facebook and or other accounts. WELL we’re going to do everything in our power to deal with such low-lives. to be clear, when an account is stolen, it’s normally used to send these scam messages. Sometimes the user gets their account back and gets REALLY freaking confused. Which is understandable. ANYWAY, what this new feature will do is simply remove the message and soft-ban the user. The user will be removed from the specific discord server and have all their messages deleted. HOWEVER, they will also be instantly unbanned, so that they can rejoin once they gain access to their account again AND will be DMed information regarding the specific ban itself. The user will also be added to a database 100% private that’ll track the amount of times the user was softbanned for that reason. If they end up rejoining the discord server and spamming the link again, the bot WILL NOT unban them. That’ll be left for the owners/admins/moderators of that server to decide whether the user should be allowed back.

It’s important to note that due to time constraints, we cannot guarantee that this’ll be released today. We do hope to release it AS SOON as it’s finished, however.

Thanks for reading,

Robin “Lockyz” Painter
Lead Developer
Lockyz Dev