Dismon Update 12/05/2021

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We’ve made some important updates to Dismon not too long ago but forgot to officially announce it. This post includes the current bots changelog and some plans for future development for the bot.

Dismon Changelog 27/03/2021


Bot news below commands


Removed unused code
Started work on the premium system. (As soon as this post is live we’re disabling access to the store from this website until the premium system is complete.)
New Icon. It isn’t the BEST icon but it’s better then the one we used to have.

Planned Features

Dismon + LMB = <3

There are plans to make both LMB and Dismon detect whether each other is within the server. If both bots are in one server all changes to Dismons settings will be sent to LMBs logs (If it is activated on the server.) This WILL NOT come out for a while but it will be an amazing feature.

Other Features to come

Movedex (Show information on different moves)
Locationdex (Show information on different locations within the games)
Berrydex (Show information on pokemon berries – seperate to the itemdex)
Proper Form Information
Generation Restrictions (Server-Side setting for when only some generations should be viewable)
Command Settings (Disable Commands server-side)

Removing older code

We’re planning on removing some REALLY OLD unused code. We’ll also be cleaning up our code and changing the ways we have programmed some things to make it cleaner and easier to read.

In Closing

There isn’t much to say at the moment as I am planning to change some very old code within the bot. We’re going to be completely updating most if not all events within the bot to make sure things work more smoothly. We’re also focusing on removing bugs as much as possible. We updated the bot on the 27th of March. We’re going to be creating some integration into LMBs logging system.

Thanks Ya’ll
Lochlan Painter

This page includes information for Dismon.
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This page includes information for LMB.
You can find more information on LMB here: LMB Information