Dismon Dev Update | 26/09/2021

Dismon is one of our most popular bots. It is used to get information from ANY Pokemon, Item and Type in the Pokemon Games.

Recently it had an update to give it slash commands. This update removed both the Itemdex and the Typedex which were 2 of the main features of the bot. We plan to fix that mistake.

Today a new update will go live that will add back both commands and (if time permits) add our new slash command handler.

Both commands will be added as slash commands as soon as they are altered for Discord.js V13. We don’t know when we’ll add the multiple language features into the bot. But when we do, we’ll let you know. We’ll also be making big changes to our pokedex command which you can find out more about below.

Pokedex Command Changes

With the new slash command system, we can make it more obvious when commands require extra information in order to execute aside from the base message command. This means that we plan on adding the ability to change what information you get from the PokeAPI.

Starting with the next update when you type /pokedex you have the option to include Pokemon, generation and form. This means you can get the specific information for that Pokemon from a specific generation AND you can get the specific information for a specific Pokemons form. No more typing /pokedex mega-eternatus.

We’re also going to be removing a heap of the information from the current embed as most of it is useless to the average Pokemon Player. Instead, we’re going to be adding an “advanced” option within the command to give you the ability to get advanced information that a more advanced user would need. We will lock things from Habitat to Height and Weight behind the advanced option.

We’re making some underlying changes to clean up some of our code too. Won’t be noticeable, but still will be there. We plan on making this update LIVE after the podcast today. (This post goes live while we’re talking about it live, you probably can see robin fiddling with their tablet as you’re watching the stream, while also reading off this post 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Robin “Lockyz” Painter
Lead Developer
Lockyz Dev