ANNOUNCING Lockyz Developer Games

Guess what? We’re working on a game show.

What is the show about you may ask in basic terms we give up to 5 software developers 5 challenges, we give each developer a week to complete each challenge with the winner being the one who does good in many categories.

When can we expect this show to go live? The plan is to release the first episode on the 5th of December 2021. This gives our contestants a week to complete each challenge and our judges another week to judge each submission. This also gives us a week to edit. The week of judging will also be when the next challenge will be recorded. This also means we can release the series periodically while other episodes are edited and recorded. We’ll be uploading other videos on the Lockyz Dev Games YouTube channel in the meantime so ya’ll can still know what’s happening behind the scenes.

We aren’t willing to give much more information about this just yet. We will give you more information as we get closer to the first episode’s release.

Thanks for reading,

Robin “Lockyz” Painter
Lead Developer
Lockyz Dev