Announcing Dismon Premium

What is Dismon Premium?

Dismon Premium is what we use to make a little bit of money off of our bot. We’re gonna be using it to cover development costs and hosting costs.

What features are included in Dismon Premium?

For now we’ve decided to just have indev or beta features as premium features. This means that anything that seems buggy is most likely locked to servers that have purchased premium.

Why do you need a Premium service for Dismon?

Dismon is a large bot. It uses up the most resources on our server. The plan for this bot is to move it to it’s own host online so it isn’t taking up resources for other bots. When this transition happens we’ll be creating a separate bot (Will be under Dismon Premium) just for stability to keep those who support development up and running when we fully move over.

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If you have any suggestions for premium features we should create please look at our suggestions-bugs-support channel on our discord.

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